Caitlin Conn earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Penn State in 2011 and her PhD from the University of Georgia in 2017. After two postdocs at Spelman College and Emory University, she joined the faculty of Berry College in 2019 and is grateful for the best field site imaginable: Berry’s 27,000-acre campus!

Caitlin’s CV can be found here.

Rachel Christopher (at right in photo) is an environmental science major with a green thumb and excellent leadership skills. Rachel’s passion for ecology opens up new research directions for the lab, and her love of singing and talent for baking keep the research team entertained and well-fed.

Michael Crowe is a biology major with a strong background in genetics, biological diversity, and evolution. Michael’s project involves cloning other plants’ genes into Arabidopsis to investigate their function. In the lab (and beyond), Michael is also known as a master photographer, skilled skateboarder, and entomologist extraordinaire.

Emilie D. is a biology major on a mission to save sea turtles from a pathogenic fungus. Emilie is an adventurer who has traveled extensively to collect the fungus, protect sea turtle hatching sites, and learn biology firsthand in Costa Rica. Outside of the lab, Emilie stays busy working with Berry sports teams, rock climbing, and caring for her tortoise Bruce.

Madison Hollis is a biology major who excels at molecular techniques like DNA extraction and PCR, and she currently studies genes that have evolved similarly in parasitic and nonparasitic plants. Madison also serves as the lab’s expert on Southern culture (and particularly college football), and she makes us proud as a pitcher on Berry’s softball team.

Sarah Quigley is a biochemistry major studying host perception in facultative hemiparasitic plants. When she isn’t cloning up a storm in the lab, you can find Sarah rocking her science courses, serving her fellow students as an RA, studying marine science in her home state of New Jersey, or sitting front-row at the newest smash hit on Broadway.

Dobby is a promising field-assistant-in-training who doesn’t know how to identify parasitic plants but keeps morale high with his enthusiasm for hiking. When he’s not in the woods, you can find Dobby sitting on the couch and collaborating on manuscripts (or maybe just sleeping there).